Log Hours

To report your Volunteer or Advanced Training (AT) Hours:

NOTE: Only IMN grads and students currently enrolled in an IMN Basic Training course can log hours though this portal. If you are not a graduate of an IMN course, but have taken the online IMN AT series, “Unexpected Connections”, you will be able to log those hours after you have been admitted to an IMN basic training course.

IMN Grads and students currently enrolled in an IMN basic training course can log their hours by doing the following:

Click on the link below the link below to sign in to the system.

Your username is your email address.
If you don’t know, or have forgotten your password. You can set (or reset) it by following the “set password” prompts.

  • Once you log in to Track it Forward, you will be taken to a page where the left side of the page is for reporting your hours and the right side is for checking your accumulated hours.

To report your hours,

Select the number of hours from the drop-down “Hours” menu (round up to the nearest half hour).

Then select the date you completed those hours (you do not need to be absolutely precise, but use your best estimate)

From the drop-down “Activity” menu, select either “Volunteer” or “Advanced Training”, depending on which type of hours you are reporting.

Enter the name of your supervisor in the space provided.

Enter any notes about the activity you think would be helpful to distinguish the current activity from others you might be logging.

Finally (and very importantly!) click Submit Time (orange button at the bottom of the page)

 To check your hours or correct mistakes

 On the right side of the page are the hours you have entered.  You can click on the numbers in the blue boxes to see notes about these entries, along with any notes, and you will also see the word “edit” in blue.  If you click on this, you can change the entry to correct any mistakes made previously.

NOTE: Note that hours reported up to Oct 1, 2019 have been condensed by calendar year.