Advanced Training

IMN “Unexpected Connections” Advanced Training Series

Although we are unable to offer a basic training course this fall, we are offering a (free) online educational series beginning Sept 21. This series is not a substitute for the IMN basic training course, but participation in this series can be used to fulfill part of the 8-hour “Advanced Training” requirement for IMN certification.  Participants who have not yet taken the basic training course can bank these hours until they have met the other requirements for IMN certification.

This educational series explores instances of unusual connections between diverse taxa (including humans).

Here is the presentation schedule:

Sept 21-27:  Sex, Drugs, Birds, and Beetles

Sept 28-Oct 4:  Butterflies, Beavers, Bats, and a Little Moth Music

Oct 5-11: Drama Queens

Oct 12-18:  Same Branch, Different Worlds

To register, click on the “AT Series Registration” button in the top menu of the IMN homepage: .  Registration closes Sept 21.

Starting Sept 21, registrants will receive a link (via email) to that week’s online presentation.  Registrants can view the presentation any time during the week, but the link to that week’s presentation will expire at the end of that week.  A new link to a new presentation will be sent out each subsequent week.

If you want your participation in this educational series to count toward your Advanced Training (AT) requirement, you can opt to take a short quiz designed to confirm your participation.  At the end of each week you will receive a link to a quiz over the preceding week’s presentation. If you do not want the AT hours, it is fine to view the presentations, but not take the weekly quizzes. Upon completion of the relevant quiz, each presentation can be counted as 1 hour of AT.  There are 4 presentations in this series so you may earn a maximum of 4 AT hours by participating in this series.


Botany for Beginners. This is a great course sponsored by the Tall Grass Prairie Center.  The original version was offered as a webinar series, but the taped classes are still available at :