Advanced Training


Sat, Jan 29 (1:30 PM-3:00 PM) Winter Tree Walk with IMN grad John Donner (IMN Fall 2018).Des Moines South Side Library 1111 Porter Ave, Des Moines IA (click HERE for map)Many of you may know John as the author of the What’s That Tree Guide which has been part of the IMN curriculum since 2019.  John will lead a walk on the library grounds and empower participants to ID common tree species even in the depths of winter. Registration is required.  For more info or to register, go to:  (This activity is eligible for Advanced Training credit.)

Thr Mar 17 (6:00 PM-&:30 PM) Cats of America: Ancient History and Modern Conservation Wickiup Hill Nature Center.  Dr. William R. Clark, Professor Emeritus of Wildlife Ecology at Iowa State University will discuss American cats (such as bobcats, ocelots and pumas) and their evolutionary history and current challenges.

Sat, Mar 19 (9:30AM-5:10 PM) 2022 Iowa Prairie Network winter meeting at Parents Hall on the Drake University Campus in Des Moines presentations on wide- variety of  prairie-relevant topics. To see the list of topics, click on “Mar 19” on their events calendar at: