Board Minutes

Iowa Master Naturalists Board of Directors
Minutes of the January 9, 2019 Regular Monthly Board Meeting
12:00 noon, Fresh Deli, Alliant Energy Building, Cedar Rapids, IA

1) Roll Call

Alida Selim, Chair
Adriane Moline, Treasurer (present)
Peter Ault
Justin Voss, Vice-Chair (present)
Sue Travis, Secretary (present)
Ben Rowold (present)
Anita Hutton (present)

Advisors: Jean Prior (present), Letia Blanco, John Pearson, Tammy Wright, Lynette Seigley (present)

Director: Elisabeth Swain (Present)


2) Minutes from the previous meeting – The recent minutes are on our website: Recall that older minutes are archived on the google drive, going back to January 2016. Look for the folder called Board of Directors Meetings. If you need instructions on accessing the IMN google drive, contact Sue, Justin or Adriane. There was no board meeting in November or December 2018.

3) Elections – Justin summarized which board officer positions are up for a vote. Alida has decided to step away from the chair position, but will remain on the board. Thank you for your service as chair, Alida! After a brief discussion, the following slate of officers was approved:

Chair: Adriane Moline, 1 year term
Vice-Chair: Justin Voss, 2 year term
Secretary: Sue Travis, 2 year term
Treasurer: Anita Hutton, 1 year term
Board members will be Peter Ault, Ben Rowold and Alida Selim. Our advisors remain the same.

4) Treasurer Reports – Adriane reported the current account balances: $508 in savings, $4419 in checking, $321 in PayPal, for a total of $5248.

5) Executive Director Reports – Elisabeth

  • – The fall 2018 course went very well; all of the students have volunteer hours and two are already certified. For the fall 2017 class, almost all have finished certification.
  • – The spring 2019 course at Kent Park will be March 18 – June 3, Monday nights from 6-9 PM. Johnson County Conservation Board included a great article about IMN in their newsletter. (See corrected version of newsletter for correct dates regarding the Spring IMN course)
  • – Our winter gathering at Wickiup Hill was a big success, with good food and friends and a lively Trees Forever game. Many thanks to Alida and Adriane for organizing the gathering.
  • Prairie Preview XXXVI will be March 5 from 6:30-9:00 PM at the Clarion Hotel Highlander Conference Center in Iowa City. This inspiring and informative event is co-sponsored by our friends at Bur Oak Land Trust. IMN will be one of many local organizations with booths.
  • – IMN often makes donations to organizations that host our classes, and to honor repeat speakers. We recently donated $320 to Indian Creek Nature Center. Elisabeth would like to make additional donations of $100 each to Wickiup Hill Nature Center in honor of Gail Barels, Indiangrass Hills in honor of Jeff Klahn, and HerpMapper in honor of Don Becker.
  • We foresee spending a portion of our savings to upgrade our website, especially the volunteer hours reporting system.
  • – IMN received a $200 donation from an environmental lawyer that knows Elisabeth. Great!
  • – Elisabeth is applying for additional AEA accreditations, currently Keystone AEA.
  • – Elisabeth is working on the IMN taxes, which are filed every other year.
  • – There might be an overnight IMN trip in April to Kellerton to learn about prairie chickens.


6) Other Discussion

  • – Annual budget process. Adriane gave an update on the budget plans and we began to discuss long-term planning for IMN. What do we need to do to ensure that IMN can carry out its mission for many years to come? When we have remaining funds at the end of the year, what are our goals for such funds? We will talk more about this at future meetings.
  • – Justin said the Adopt-A-Highway event could have used more people, and less flood water.


7) Round Table Nature Sharing – We each talked about our recent experiences in nature. I confess I was fascinated by the discussion and didn’t take notes, but one involved a Coopers hawk and a red fox in the yard, and several involved bald eagles! There was also a corny joke billboard by I-380, haha.


8) Next Open Board Meeting – The next Board of Directors meeting will be Wednesday, February 20 in the Fresh Deli, Alliant Energy Building, 200 1st St SE, Cedar Rapids.


Respectfully submitted,
Sue M. Travis, Secretary, IMN Board of Directors
Iowa Master Naturalists, P.O. Box 5675, Coralville, IA 52241