Board Minutes

Iowa Master Naturalists Board of Directors

Minutes of the August 28, 2019 Regular Monthly Board Meeting

12:00 noon, Fresh Deli, Alliant Energy Building, Cedar Rapids, IA

1) Roll Call

Adriane Moline Chair (present)
Justin Voss, Vice-Chair (present)
Sue Travis, Secretary (present)
Anita Hutton, Treasurer (present)
Alida Selim
Peter Ault
Ben Rowold (present)

Executive Director: Elisabeth Swain (present)

Advisors:Jean Prior (present), Letia Blanco, John Pearson, Tammy Wright, Lynette Seigley (present)

2) Minutes from the previous meeting – The recent minutes are on our website: Older minutes are archived on the google drive in the folder called Board of Directors Meetings.

3) Treasurer Reports – Anita reported the current account balances: $504 in savings, $2742 in checking, $38 in PayPal, for a total of $3284. She presented a summary of income and expenses for 2018 and Jan.-July 2019, and she has been working with Elisabeth and Adriane to create a preliminary budget based on those figures.

 4) Executive Director Reports– Elisabeth

  • – The fall 2019 course is full! It will be at Wickiup Hill Learning Center Sept. 9 – Nov. 25. New speakers and field trip hosts include bird bander Mark Bowman, Hannah Howard for Iowa prairies, Joyce Fleming for aquatic invertebrates
  • – The Rummage in the Ramp went well, with the welcome help of Debbie Bryant and a strong angelic passersby who helped load furniture onto the truck. IMN expects to make over $600 from this event.
  • – Elisabeth’s work at the Reading Writing and Foraging Event brought IMN $75.
  • – Seven IMN people, including Elisabeth, of course, were at the Iowa Mussel Blitz.
  • – Elisabeth had plenty of IMN help at the Monarch Festival on August 25.
  • – Elisabeth has been working on Track It Forward, for tracking volunteer hours, and hopes to roll it out in September!
  • – She proposed eliminating use of the IMN P.O. Box as it is expensive, rarely used, and because it is not acceptable to the tax officials.
  • – We saw Ginny Paulson’s excellent capstone project, “Prairie Plant Seed Harvester Guide.”
  • – Elisabeth proposed inviting Raia Lichen to be a new board member, and we all agreed.
  • – We are aiming for a Spring 2020 course in Dubuque.


5) Other Reports

– We talked about dates for a fall Amana roadside cleanup, and agreed on October 5.

– Adriane proposed having another winter gathering and we discussed dates and places.

– Ben brought a copy of The Iowa Principles and Practices for Charitable Nonprofit Excellence, and suggested that we consider insurance to protect IMN, volunteers and board members in case of lawsuits. Ben will look into the coverage options and cost. The book can be downloaded as a pdf file (just do a web search for the book title).

– Jean wrote a lovely thank you card to Tammy Wright for all her work with IMN since the very beginning. We all approved the text & signed the card. Thank you, Tammy!


6) Round Table Nature Sharing – We each talked about our recent experiences in nature. Thousands of painted lady butterflies were spotted along the road (after their larvae consumed soybean leaves), an owl pellet was shared around the room, we talked about cuckoo gape color, large pelican flocks at the Coralville Reservoir, bumblebees in old stumps, snow-on-the-mountain plants, black bears that like raspberries, chipmunk sounds, the Cincinnati Nature Center, more bluebirds fledging plus bluebirds nesting in a doggie park bag dispenser!


7) Next Open Board Meeting– The next Board of Directors meeting will be Wednesday, September 18 in the Fresh Deli, Alliant Energy Building, 200 1st St SE, Cedar Rapids.


Respectfully submitted,

Sue M. Travis, Secretary, IMN Board of Directors

Iowa Master Naturalists, P.O. Box 5675, Coralville, IA 52241