Board Minutes

Iowa Master Naturalists Board of Directors

Minutes of the December 18, 2019 Regular Monthly Board Meeting

12:00 noon, Fresh Deli, Alliant Energy Building, Cedar Rapids, IA


1) Roll Call


Adriane Moline Chair (present)

Justin Voss, Vice-Chair (present)

Sue Travis, Secretary (present)

Anita Hutton, Treasurer (present)

Alida Selim

Peter Ault

Ben Rowold (present)

Raia Lichen

Executive Director: Elisabeth Swain (present)

Advisors: Jean Prior (present), Letia Blanco, John Pearson, Tammy Wright, Lynette Seigley


2) Minutes from the previous meeting – The most recent minutes are on our website:  Older minutes are archived on the google drive in the folder called Board of Directors Meetings.


3) Treasurer Reports – Anita reported the account balances as of 12/11/19: $2005 in savings, $3472 in checking, $25 in PayPal, for a total of $5502. She presented a summary of income and expenses for 2018 and Jan.-Nov. 2019, and compared it with our rough budget figures. For now, we won’t separate class and marketing expenses, as marketing expenses are relatively small. We agreed last month to keep about $2000 in savings, as this amount would support one future class and represents an early step toward financial sustainability. In January we will review 2019 and adjust the budget figures.


4) Executive Director Reports – Elisabeth

  • – Elisabeth described some of the capstone projects from the fall class. This class of dedicated and talented students produced a wide variety of  amazing project!
  • – From the November meeting: we are aiming for a Spring 2020 course in Dubuque.


5) Insurance Discussion

– Ben has been investigating insurance for non-profits. We had a good discussion about the cost and the need for general insurance (about $400/year) and directors & officers (about $900/year). Thanks to Ben for digging into this, and it will be on the agenda again next month. In the meantime, recall that The Iowa Principles and Practices for Charitable Nonprofit Excellence can be downloaded as a pdf.


6) Chairperson & Other Reports – Adriane & Justin et al.

– The winter party will be at Indian Creek Nature Center on January 6. Thanks to Adriane for arranging this. Elisabeth will help plan the activities, and it’s looking like IMNers from several classes will be attending.

– Justin told us about the Our Woodland Legacy Symposium of Dec. 12, hosted by Trees Forever. He shared the agenda talked about whom he met and what he learned.


6) Round Table Nature Sharing – We each talked about our recent experiences in nature. Many of us were outdoors less than usual because of the very cold weather. Justin passed around a Fern Finder booklet, and a winter twig ID challenge (cottonwood has stout buds and a star-shaped pith). Adriane visited some museums in Minneapolis and also told us about the indoor creek being constructed for Indian Creek Nature Center.


7) Next Open Board Meeting – The next Board of Directors meeting will be Wednesday, January 29, 2020  in the Fresh Deli, Alliant Energy Building, 200 1st St SE, Cedar Rapids.


Respectfully submitted,

Sue M. Travis, Secretary

IMN Board of Directors

5464 Lackender Ave SW

Riverside IA 52327