Board Minutes

Iowa Master Naturalists Board of Directors Minutes of the October 17, 2018 Regular Monthly Board Meeting

12:00 noon, Fresh Deli, Alliant Energy Building, Cedar Rapids, IA

1) Roll Call

Alida Selim, Chair (present)
Justin Voss, Vice-Chair (present)
Sue Travis, Secretary (present)
Adriane Moline, Treasurer (present)
Peter Ault (present)
Ben Rowold
Anita Hutton (present)

Director: Elisabeth Swain (present),

Advisors: Jean Prior (present), Letia Blanco, John Pearson, Tammy Wright, Lynette Seigley (present)

2) Minutes from the previous meeting – The recent minutes are on our website: Older minutes are archived on the google drive, all the way back to January 2016! Look for the folder named Board of Directors Meetings. If you need instructions on accessing the IMN google drive, contact Sue, Justin or Adriane.

3) Treasurer Reports – Adriane reported the current account balances: $508 in savings, $4531 in checking, $927 in PayPal, for a total of $5616 (an increase of $350 from last month’s $5616).

4) Executive Director Reports– Elisabeth

– The fall 2018 course is going well at Indian Creek Nature Center.

– The spring 2019 course at FW Kent Park has a list of folks who want to be notified when registration opens

– Congratulations to IMN graduate and Board Treasurer Adriane Moline, who was honored by Burr Oak Land Trust in their current Volunteer Spotlight:

– Elisabeth discussed ideas for expanding the IMN speakers list.

– We have been giving our speakers IMN T-shirts as a thank you gift. Our previous speakers now have shirts, and we had fun discussing other gifts for them (e.g. nature-themed socks).

– Reminder: The Amana Roadside cleanup will be this Saturday,Oct 20, from 10 AM -1:00 PM, organized by Justin Voss.

– Reminder: John Pearson will give a talk on Peace, Love and Lichens! on October 27, from 1-3 PM at the Conservation Education Center at Kent Park.


5) Chairperson Reports & Other Discussion– Alida, etc.

– We talked about planning a gathering for IMN graduates, friends and advisors. A hike on January 1st is traditional, but another date might also work. Alida and Adriane will work on setting a date.

–  Letia Blanco, IMN Board advisor (and Maya Ogren’s daughter) is moving to Iowa in November. She will be taking the IMN course soon and joining us at board meetings.

– Justin announced that Indian Creek Nature Center has given volunteer awards to two IMN graduates, Joann McNiel and Maria Dummermuth. Congratulations!

–  We discussed future facilitator training, class locations.

–  We all appreciate our excellent partners Kent Park (Johnson County Conservation), Wickiup Hill Learning Center, and Indian Creek Nature Center.


6) Round Table Nature Sharing – We each talked about our recent experiences in nature including sightings of egrets and hawks in the air and woolly bears crossing the road, seed collecting at Green Prairie [is that the right name?],watching a picky-eater monarch caterpillar metamorphose into an undersized butterfly (good luck little one!), white pelicans herding schools of fish into shallow water, and the last hummingbird at the feeder. We learned that in the spring, male red squirrels can sense a mast year (food abundance) and will kill offspring of rival males, freeing up the females to later mate with the psychic male squirrel:

Not to be outdone by squirrels, mushrooms can create wind! “They can alter the moisture of the air around them, whipping up winds that disperse their spores:”

In addition, mushrooms can create rain! A released “mushroom spore acts as a nucleus around which water vapor coalesces and condenses into droplets. When enough of these droplets are formed, they stick together to form clouds and eventually result in rain.” When it rains, it spores!


7) Next Open Board Meeting– The next Board of Directors meeting will be Wednesday, November 17 in the Fresh Deli, Alliant Energy Building, 200 1st St SE, Cedar Rapids. We will not have a board meeting in December.


Respectfully submitted,

Sue M. Travis, Secretary, IMN Board of Directors

Iowa Master Naturalists, P.O. Box 5675, Coralville, IA 52241